The convention chromate treatment with an aqueous solution is performed in a non-aqueous solvent. C-COAT has a chromate film formed on the surface of the object to be processed by immersing it in a special processing solution consisting of a non-aqueous solvent containing chromic acid using a special and dedicated processing equipment  C- coater. The treatment liquid is a special non-aqueous chromate agent in which chromic acid and additives are dissolved in a mixed solvent of  fluorine-based solvent and alcohol.        The C- coater can obtain a stable quality chromate film with a special processing device designed according to a unique process.


 【 使 用 例 】



- 特 長 -







━ Features ━

・There in no non--water pollution due to non-aqueous treatment.

・The surface tension of the treatment liquid is small and penetrates well into gaps and          pores.

・By combining Z-coat, extremely excellent corrosion resistance can be obtained.

・Compact equipment.

・No hydrogen embrittlement

・Extremely effective as a coating base with high corrosion resistance.


- 用 途 -                                   ━ Use  ━

   ・自動車用締結部品        Fastening parts for automobiles

   ・機械部品                                    Machine parts

   ・建築用締結部品                           Architectural fasteners

   ・土木用締結部品                           Fastening parts for civil engineering 

   ・家庭用部品                                 Household parts

   ・ゴム下流接着部品                        Rubber downstream adhesive parts


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