U -COAT の特長  (Features of U-COAT)


 U-COAT is an aqueous and non-chromate top coat that dramatically improves the  corrosion resistance of the Z-COAT film.  There is UNIMET®GT series in U-COAT, and you can choose silver color finish or black finish depending on the combination.


 ━ U-COAT 特長 ━





━ U-COAT Features ━

   ・Water-born and free from SOC material such chromate.

 ・Closed system and no drainage required.

 ・Highly enhance the galvanizing effect of Z-COAT.

 ・Adjust torque tension of metal surface.


【 使 用 例 】



                                        U-COAT     Sliver finishing and Black color


  - 用 途 -                                --- Use ---

      ・自動車用締結部品                  Fastening parts for automobiles

      ・機械部品                              Machine parts

      ・建築用締結部品                     Architectural fasteners

      ・土木用締結部品                     Fastening parts civil engineering

      ・家電用部品                             Household appliances parts


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